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Paje Sales & Conference Health-check

The Paje Sales & Conference Health-check will help you to focus in on the key areas for your business and implement a plan to maximise your potential! Our initial discussions will cover the following areas and this will form part of your overall strategy and plan of action.

1. THE MARKETPLACE - How aware are you of the marketplace?

2. COMPETITION - How do you rank versus the competition?

3. VISION & AIMS – What are you business aims and objectives?

4. STRATEGY - Do you have a clear sales strategy?

5. STRUCTURE & TEAM - Do your team have clear roles &responsibilities?

6. ENQUIRY HANDLING EXCELLENCE – Do your team work to enquiry handling industry levels 

7. TEAM TARGETS & RECOGNITION - Is there Reward & Recognition programme in place?

8. PROACTIVE SALES - Are your accounts all managed by the right team members to drive revenue?

9. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT - Are you investing in your front line sales and conference teams?

10. MARKETING INITIATIVES - Is your marketing collateral sharp and intelligent for business?

To book your Paje Sales & Conference Health-check call us on 07776 307167 or email for more information

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Paje Events