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How to banish self doubt and be more confident

  • Consulting Blog
  • 17 October 2017

Do you just wish you were more confident. That would fix it all. Then you would be able to stride into the life you imagine for yourself. Other people do it, so why can’t you?


Are you the next succesful entrepreneur?

  • Consulting Blog
  • 19 July 2017

What makes someone a successful entrepreneur? Are they just lucky? Have they randomly stumbled on a brilliant, money-making idea? Or do they think and act differently to the rest of us

Think BIG!!!

  • Consulting Blog
  • 11 March 2015

Are you afraid to think big?

And how might that be limiting the amount you can achieve and earn in your life? Learn why playing bigger can open you up to more opportunities and wealth.

Building the Dream Team

  • Consulting Blog
  • 24 February 2015

One of the things that leaders are often pondering is the performance and relationships of their team. 

So here are 5 steps to building a productive and effective team this year:

7 Highly Effective Habits to Adopt for 2015!

  • Consulting Blog
  • 21 January 2015

But while it’s easy to vow to work smarter and more effectively in the next 12 months, breaking well-honed habits isn’t always easy....

Is your to-do list getting out of control?

  • Consulting Blog
  • 14 October 2014

I have always lived my life by making lists. These vary from lists of people to call, lists of ideas, lists of companies to set up, lists of people who can make things happen. I also have lists of topics to blog about, lists of tweets to send, and lists of upcoming plans. 

Dull to Fabulous in 30 minutes!!!

  • Consulting Blog
  • 12 June 2014

Pressed for time? Need to send your CV off to someone NOW but worried it’s not up to scratch? Lets us reveal how you can tidy it up in less than half hour with 12 simple tips.


Is anyone listening to you?

  • Consulting Blog
  • 9 May 2014

The Art of Great Communication... are you kidding yourself that your colleagues are actually listening to you?

No matter what your business is .. Sales is King ……or Queen!!

  • Consulting Blog
  • 29 April 2014

Your success will be determined by your ability to generate revenue and sell, not just your products and services, but also yourself.

What is your Secret Excuse??

  • Consulting Blog
  • 25 April 2014

Do you have a mental block that keeps you from succeeding?   (..Salespeople are especially notorious for this!)   In fact, it seems that mindset has more to do with sales failure than cold calling, the economy, pricing, and all of the rest put together.

Are you a Great Leader?

  • Consulting Blog
  • 14 March 2014

Whether you are a boss leading a large team, an entrepreneur with a great business challenge,  heading up an industry committee, or a small business with a handful of employees, driving a team can be the biggest challenge of your life...  are you a great leader????

Here are some points to consider....

Do the tough things ... you'll be amazed what you can achieve

  • Consulting Blog
  • 10 February 2014

Life is a can go for the easy option and sometimes you will achieve great things.... however more often it is about making the tough choices in your life and for the majority of us we have to push ourselves to the limit and then we can achieve amazing success... it's you're choice .... 

Networking - are you a Natural?

  • Consulting Blog
  • 30 January 2014

.... or do you look at it as one of lifes challenges  ... here are the 5 golden and very simple rules....

New Year approaching.... what’s your plan?

  • Consulting Blog
  • 1 October 2013

Can you hear the claxon sounding... it's that time of year again... sales and marketing plan, sales action plan.... plan, plan where's your plan?

Focus on success and doing the right thing along the journey!!

  • Consulting Blog
  • 23 August 2013

5 Ways to Focus on Success

When you first set a goal it’s pretty easy to stay on track.  You’ve got a plan, you’re working the plan and your motivation is strong.

As time goes on, however, there exists the possibility of losing steam and getting off-track.  In order to develop the momentum and stamina required to achieve success, there are several qualities you’ll need to focus on:

Time to take a good look at your business?

  • Consulting Blog
  • 9 August 2013


Are you keeping on doing the same old things?  every business needs to brush itself down once in a while and take a good, hard look.... review the areas that need to improve and just as important pat yourselves on the back and celebrate success!!

Top Ten Great Reasons to have a career in hospitality......

  • Consulting Blog
  • 13 June 2013

What a great industry we work in....  no two days the same and how many people can say they have a great time doing their job and have fun.... anyone who works in hospitality!!

Back to the floor!

  • Consulting Blog
  • 5 April 2013

If you really want to know what’s going on get back to the floor…..or for some of you lucky people who didn’t do “their time” and went straight in upstairs go on try it out!!

In order to learn what happens operationally in hotels and venues going back to the floor is a great idea. Get yourself on to that reception desk or in that kitchen and inform your team that today you are going to spend the day “helping them out”…. This does not mean you stand back and watch what they do, and most certainly you are not going to take over and start managing them, it means getting your hands dirty and getting stuck in as a receptionist or waiter for the day, and may be even making the tea.

You may not have the expertise or skill that they have and that should not worry you, as you have said you are their trainee, so let your staff show you how to carry out some of their routine work.

Is There a Hole In Your Bucket Dear Liza ??

  • Consulting Blog
  • 4 March 2013

At Paje we often ask the question “How easy are you to do business with?” Many of the projects we are asked to look at for venues are based around the question “how can we increase sales and revenue?” (well leaving behind our Mary Poppins magic tapestry bag)– firstly we identify is it a demand issue? Often the answer is not in generating new business but taking good care of what you are already getting through the sales funnel.

On an Enquiry Handling Excellence training course we delivered recently we shared some feedback from test calls to several conference focused high calibre hotels and venues – they were a split of large groups and some smaller venue groups. Quite startling !! and in most cases definitely not easy to do business with! Certainly not easy to get through to the right contact, teams appearing to be not that interested in the customer’s needs or showing evidence of being particularly sales savvy. In most cases the communication to the customer did not represent their venue to the best opportunity – it was not clear or concise, and the information sent often not on a professional email and proposal document. Again a lack of follow up for the enquiry and the million dollar question - are all the enquiries generated being rigorously recorded for further sales leads either in your CRM or in a sales lead process?...

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