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New Year approaching.... what’s your plan?

  • 1-10-2013

The beauty of a new year is it’s a chance to start fresh—an opportunity to make improvements. For some it means eating healthier. For others it means reading more self-improvement books or spending more time with family. At the end of every year, one thing is for certain—someone is planning to be “better” in the New Year.

The same idea applies for business—the New Year is an opportunity to evaluate the previous year and devise a successful plan for the year ahead. Where many fall short however, is in executing the plan.

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” - Eleanor Roosevelt

 As a sales coach, you must walk the walk, and talk the talk by having your own plan in place—but don’t stop there. You will see the true advantage of planning when you ask everyone on your team create his/her own business plan for year—and here is why:

  • You’ll understand what motivates each of your team members personally and professionally.
  • A plan clearly defines an agreement between you and the salesperson. It provides the foundation for communication throughout the year and prevents miscommunication or ambiguity. Both parties have ownership of the goals contained within the plan.
  • The plan can be used as a compass to help guide salespeople and keep them on the right track throughout the year.
  • A plan defines performance goals.


But most importantly don't leave the plan on the shelf to gather dust, review trhe plan and keep it as your sales bible - it does work when you use it!

We are already being asked to help businesses with their plan for 2014 so if you would like a “view from the outside in” or some great new suggestions of how to drive your sales and conference teams please give me a call on 07776 307167 or email on

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