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Networking - are you a Natural?

  • 30-1-2014

1. Be Tactical.. pick events with the highest profile or reputation.  Get a list of attendees so you know where to swoop.

2. Be Genuine.. Take an interest in the person you're talking and if you're looking for help with getting on, be upfront and ask for it. PS.... people will see right through you if you just use them but you will always remember those who gave you a helping hand!!

3. Go by yourself.. It's so tempting to bring a colleague, but being on your own will force you to talk to people more and be remembered for being you!! 

4. Don't expect instant results...Bear in mind some contacts take time to bear fruit and if you win an opportunity there and then ... you are very fortunate, or in the words of Kylie...lucky, lucky, lucky...... so stay in touch by sending an email soon after meeting them.

5. Pass it on... If you do get a leg-up, remember to help those in the same position that you were in once in.

So Good Luck and don't be afraid..... Go For It!!! 

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