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What we do specialist hotel/venue sales consulting, training and representation. We support hotels in their pursuit of sales excellence and brand awareness.

Mission to form enduring and strategic partnerships with both clients and suppliers.

Style & Approach dynamic, professional, straight talking, enthusiastic, and passionate about business!

Concept former leading Hotel & Venue Group Sales Director with vast sales and conference experience delivering specialist sales consulting training and representation for hotels and venues.

Philosophy to do the right thing for our customers and establish long term partnerships.

Strategy to provide clients with a reputable, trustworthy and cost effective route to market, bespoke to their needs.

Quote You're the only one who can make the difference. Whatever your dream is, live it!

Personality Savvy, Imaginative, Reliable, Positive and Fun!

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 Hotel Consulting. Sales Excellence Training. 

Hotel Sales & Conference Representation.

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Paje Events